Fees and Access

Scheduled Airline Traffic

A $24.00 fee per enplaning and deplaning passenger will replace the current landing and terminal fees for all schedule airline traffic.

General Aviation Traffic

The following landing and terminal fees will be charged for each aircraft landing. For charter, or private flights, with 10 or more passengers a $24.00 fee per enplaning and deplaning passenger will replace the current landing and terminal fees.

General Landing Fees

Jet & Turboprop $ per 1000 Kg
Minimum Domestic Charge 12.00
<21,000 Kg 5.50
21,000 Kg – 24,000 Kg 7.00
24,000 Kg – 45,000 Kg 7.50
>45,000 Kg 8.00

General Terminal Fees

Seats Domestic/International
0-9 20.00
10-15 35.00
16-25 52.00
26-45 90.00
46-60 130.00
61-89 210.00
90-125 295.00
>126-150 350.00

Aircraft Parking

Kg Daily Monthly Annual
<2,000 10.00 80.00 500.00
2 – 5,000 12.00 85.00 550.00
5 – 10,000 18.00 250.00
10 – 30,000 30.00 450.00
30 – 30,000 50.00 700.00
60 – 100,000 72.00 1100.00
>100,000 120.00 1800.00

Airside Vehicle Operator Permit AVOP (effective September 15, 2022)

An Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit AVOP certifies that a person is trained to operate and be present safely airside in gate, runway, and aircraft taxi areas.

AVOP applicants must prove both the need and right to operate a be present airside. All approved applicants must pass 96% or greater on written and 100 % on practical tests in order to be certified and gain access.

There are 2 types of AVOPs issued by Prince Rupert Airport Authority.

D Permit – all airside areas

D/A Permit – apron and service roads only

A study guide can be provided upon request.

A fee of $159 CND per person for all approved applicants attempting certification.

Up to a max cost of $725 CND per organization, agency or company per scheduled testing.

A person wishing to attempt again after not achieving certification will be charged the fee again.

Each vehicle wishing to gain access to airside must obtain an AVOP Pass for a fee of $50 CND

Gaining Approval

Submit in writing to AVOP@ypr.ca

1. Legal name of the organization
1. Billing address
1. Contact address including email and telephone number
*Website if applicable
1. Contact Person Full Name
1. Description of organization
1. Nature in which you require access to the airside
1. Core Duties and or Tasks that will be carried out airside
1. List of individuals ( Full Names ) of persons wishing to be certified and copies of their driver’s license
*no “new” / “N” drivers will be accepted
1. List of Vehicle/s that your organization wishes to have access

Details that must be included:

* Registered owner of Vehicle
* Province/State of Registration
* Vehicle Plate #
* Year and Make
* Model and Colour
* VIN – Serial Identification #
* Certificate of Insurance outlining $5,000,000 CND third party legal liability / Certificate must also state “Coverage provided for vehicle airside at an airport”
* Purpose of the vehicle while on airside

*Note All Vehicles must at minimum in good working order and have rooftop beacon/ flashing light, company markings visible

Validity Terms and Conditions

* Airside Inactivity of a certified person for a period of greater than 89 days will result in the expiry of certification.
* All Insurance on noted vehicles will be maintained until the expiry of the certification of the individual going airside.
* Authorized vehicles cannot be switched out for use airside without notification, appropriate vehicle and insurance information provided to AVOP@ypr.ca, and a fee of $40 CND is paid.
* An AVOP Pass and or Certified holder of a AVOP cannot provide escort airside unless written approval from the Prince Rupert Airport Authority is provided.
* Approved vehicles can only be driven airside in the course of company business.
* Additionally AVOP holders should only gain airside access for official company business as described in their application.
* Passes and Permits are not transferable.
* In the event a person is employed by 2 organizations that are approved for AVOP – Both Companies will be required to pay the fee but only 1 test will be administered and only 1 expiry for that employee will be considered which is the one closest / shortest time remaining.

Failure to abide by the Validity Terms and Conditions will result in the potential suspension of access and or loss of access permanently for an individual and or the organization

Providing Escort Airside

At the discretion of Prince Rupert Airport Authority Management, an escort fee of Zero to $200 CND could be applied payable time of escort.