Economic Growth

Due in large part to the Asia Pacific Gateway Initiative of the federal and provincial governments, the Port of Prince Rupert, particularly the Fairview Container Terminal, is on the brink of vibrant economic growth. The potential for development is evident.

A solid infrastructure exists for importing and exporting goods. A highly efficient road and rail network in the North West Transportation Corridor links Asian economies to North America’s consumer heartland.

Fairview Container Terminal, opened in 2007 has a design capacity of 500,000 TEU’s. Export traffic grew 108% in the first quarter of 2010. Plans are underway to expand into Phase 2 of the port, adding a new crane and extending the docks to quadruple the capacity.

The economic impact of the Prince Rupert Port is $280 million in GDP, $500 million in economic output, more than 2,700 jobs and $150 million in wages.

Prince Rupert Harbour

Prince Rupert’s 14 mile harbour is one of the deepest, natural, ice-free harbours in the world able to accommodate the largest of container ships. It has safe sheltered access to international shipping lanes in the Pacific Ocean.

Rail Network

The vision of the original builders of the rail line across Canada to Prince Rupert was to forge a shorter link to Asia. Today that vision is proving itself. The CN Rail route from Prince Rupert to Chicago delivers containers in less that 100 hours from being off-loaded at Fairview Terminal. It is a Class 1 rail network through Canada and into the USA. The route from Prince Rupert is uncongested and has potential for much increased traffic.