Airport Authority

The Prince Rupert Airport Authority is composed of the Mayor of Prince Rupert, the City Administrator and the City Council. The eight Directors of the Authority who oversee the operations of the airport are appointed by the City and sit for a term of two years.


The purposes of the Prince Rupert Airport Authority under the Society’s Act are to:

  • Develop, maintain and operate the Prince Rupert Airport, including facilities for passengers, flight instruction, and aircraft accommodation, rigging, maintenance and overhaul.
  • Provide an efficient and well-maintained airport facility and service for the residents of and visitors to the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District, and Prince Rupert region.
  • Acquire, hold, lease, manage, rent or sell any real property or personal property to carry out or further the Authority’s purposes.
  • Enter into contracts with any person, body corporate, government or government ministry, department or authority which may further the purposes of the Authority.
  • Promote aviation and aeronautics and legislation or legislative change affecting aviation, aeronautics, the aircraft industry and all its branches.
  • Solicit, receive, acquire and hold donations, gifts and legacies for the purposes of the Authority and to collect and receive rents, profits and other revenues, grants, appropriations and subsidies for the purpose of the Authority and to enjoy all of the benefits of ownership thereof.
  • Sell or convert any property into real money from time to time, to invest and re-invest any principal in such a manner as may from time to time be determined and to disburse and distribute such money and property in the furtherance of the purposes of the Authority.
  • Market, promote, co-ordinate and manage all service and facilities described in the Authority’s purposes.
  • Seek funding and financial assistance from the Government of Canada, Province of British Columbia, federal and provincial crown corporations and agencies, municipal governments, regional districts and other local authorities in furtherance of the purposes of the Authority.
  • Manage and co-ordinate the development of short, medium and long term plans to develop and improve land as public airport.
  • Actively promote the Prince Rupert Airport to private and commercial aircraft operators.
  • Do all other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the purposes of the Authority.