The Prince Rupert Airport is situated on a 686.78 hectare parcel of land which is located on the north west side of Digby Island. The lands within the airport property generally comprise undulating lands with elevations below 50 meters.

The parcel is somewhat divided by a higher ridge or terrace of exposed rock with a very undulating section of lower lying land to the east and more moderately sloping land to the west. Surrounding land use generally comprises unimproved uncleared lands which are held by the Provincial Government and Metlakatla Indian Band. The only development on the island consists of the airport lands, and the small communities of Dodge Cove and Crippen Cove. No vehicle access is available between the airport property and the two communities.

Terminal Building

The air terminal building houses airline passenger services, pilot services and administrative offices.

Maintenance Building

The maintenance building is located to the south of the Airport Terminal Building and comprises one of the two main buildings of the airport complex. It was built in 1970 and is used as the airport vehicle service garage.


The Prince Rupert Airport has one paved runway, which is operational 24 hours per day year round.

  • 1829 meters (6000 ft.) in length x 61 meters (200 ft.) wide
  • Runway 13 is a precision runway equipped with ILS (Instrument Landing System) to Category 1 landing limits.
  • Runway 31 is a non-precision runway.
  • No noise abatement procedures are in effect at the Prince Rupert Airport.
  • Design aircraft for the Prince Rupert Airport is the Boeing 737 (Code C) for all movement areas.
  • Runway, taxiway and apron pavement overlay was completed Spring 1999.

Helicopter Landings

Helicopter landings are made on the airport apron.

Airport Activity

The tables below give airport activity in terms of the number of passengers and the number of aircraft that have passed through YPR, 1997-2013.

Passenger Statistics Aircraft Statistics
2013 60,914 2,164
2012 58,604 3,102
2011 57,347 3,357
2010 54,350 3,554
2009 58,076 4,049
2008 63,660 4,509
2007 63,475 4,449
2006 58,017 4,273
2005 57,252 4,495
2004 61,837 5,655
2003 60,467 5,921
2002 56,798 4,944
2001 58,254 4,014
2000 53,592 3,466
1999 57,779 4,662
1998 63,280 5,140
1997 63,428 6,621