Private Aircraft & Charters

CYPR is on an island approximately 15 minutes from Prince Rupert. The mode of transport into Prince Rupert is by boat, ferry, float plane or helicopter. The ferry schedule is based on our schedule flights, with a few exceptions.

The following options are available for travellers in private aircraft to reach Prince Rupert.

Option 1: Arrival during operational hours and wishing to take the scheduled ferry to Prince Rupert

  1. Call 778.645.0401 for YPR Shuttle Service to the dock (dependant on scheduled ferry sailings). The Shuttle fee is $15.00 CDN per person from YPR to the dock.
  2. Once at the Digby Island Dock, you can walk onto the ferry with your luggage. The deckhands will collect a small passenger fee from you.
  3. You will need a taxi once at the Fairview dock. If you call from the ferry, they can often be waiting for you at the dock. Skeena Taxi’s telephone number is 250.624.2185.
  4. Upon arrival at the Fairview dock, you will take a taxi to your destination.

Option 2: Arrival during operational hours but can’t wait for the ferry schedule

  1. Call West Coast Launch Water Taxi at 250.627.9166. The cost of the water taxi is approximately $125.
  2. Call 250.649.9970 for YPR Shuttle Service to the dock (dependant on scheduled ferry sailings). The shuttle fee is $15.00 CDN per person from CYPR to the dock or dock to CYPR (depending on your direction).
  3. West Coast Launch will take you from Digby Island Dock directly to the Atlin Terminal which is in Prince Rupert, and within walking distance or a brief taxi ride to most locations and hotels.

Option 3: Arrival AFTER operational hours and require fuel or you wish to go to the dock and meet your boat

  1. Call 250.975.1362 for YPR Shuttle Service to/from the Digby Island dock. Shuttle fare is $15.00 CDN per person. Our vehicle will hold 9 passengers and some luggage.
  2. All service provision outside of operational hours requires we call someone in. A basic callout is $250 CDN PLUS Water Taxi recovery of $220 CDN MINIMUM – all services are payable at time of service with Visa, Mastercard & AMEX.
  3. Upon arrival to the Atlin Dock in Prince Rupert, you will need to call a taxi. If you call from the boat, they can often be waiting for you at the dock. Skeena Taxi’s telephone number is 250.624.2185.

Seal Cove Seaplane Base

Seal Cove is home to Prince Rupert’s seaplane fleet as well as the Flight Services Station. The Canadian Coast Guard is also based here. The Seal Cove base was first developed by the Royal Canadian Airforce during World War Two. The hangars date from that era.

Seaplanes connect Prince Rupert with outlying coastal communities, camps, and lodges, as well as sightseeing flights or flying in to remote lakes for unique wilderness experiences.

Check out Seal Cove and the seaplane flying experience!

Seaplane Operator

Inland Air Charters offers daily scheduled flights to outlying communities and Haida Gwaii, as well as charter services and a variety of flight seeing tours around Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii.

Helicopter Operators

Helicopter services are offered by Helijet.

Quick Info

Operational hours: Monday to Sunday – 08:00 to 20:00
Office Hours: 8:15 – 15:45

Please note that if you send any emails outside of office hours, they will not be read until the next business day. Therefore if you have an aircraft arriving, please call 250.649.9970 OR 250.975.1362 outside of operational hours.

All services and fuel are payable at time of service (VISA. Mastercard and AMEXaccepted) and subject to applicable taxes. In British Columbia, we have the 5% GST on services and a 5% tax on Jet-A1.

All services are billed in Canadian currency.

YPR Shuttle Service

778.645.0401 (operational hours)
250.975.1362 (non-operational hours)

West Coast Launch Water Taxi


Skeena Taxi